About Iron PC

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My name is Ben and I am the owner of Iron PC Solutions. I have been upgrading, building, and pushing computers to their limits since the summer of 1999.  By May of 2000 I had my A+ certification and was attending school for my MCSE.  Then in 2001 my wife and I moved from Arkansas to Oklahoma and I continued in my passion for computer hardware and at the same time I developed an interest in web design.

I started off in web design by just learning how to edit pages to fit my specific needs.  That has since grown into being able to design the graphical interface of a web page and then code it in xhtml and css.  I may also include php for a more functional and dynamic site or use an open source CMS (content management system) like Joomla to allow the client to be more self sufficient when it comes to updating their site's content or for adding functionality.

From the web design aspect I learned what makes a logo.  This includes which colors to use, how many colors to use, where all a logo is going to be used so as not to make it over complicated.  Logos are the face of a company.  It is how a business is recognized and it needs to be simple and to the point.

Other things that I have learned through the years is photo editing and retouching, restoring old and damaged photos, along with other graphic design work.  I have also created and edited some simple movies.

The reason I decided to start this business is because I feel confident in the gifts that God has given me and the experience that I have from being hands on with computers and everything that comes with it.