Computers & Networking

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Virus - Detection and Removal

We use several different programs to scan for and remove viruses, spyware, malaware, trojans and other types of harmful programs that have or can infect your pc.

Windows - Updates and Optimization

Keeping Windows up to date not only keeps it running smoothly, but also helps keep it secure and lessens the chance of attacks to your computer and your files.  In addition to updates, cleaning out old and unused registry entries and unused files and folders that are typically left behind from installing and uninstalling programs will increase disk space and help improve performance.  Once a system has gone through a thorough cleaning it is best to defrag your hard drive which again will alos help increase performance and keep everything running smoothly.

Diagnostics - Whats wrong with your computer?

Is your computer running sluggish?  Maybe your computer shuts off for no reason or maybe won't even turn on at all.  Is your sound not working?  What about your CD/DVD drive, is it not reading any discs? We can diagnose your problem usually within a few hours and let you know what it will cost to fix it.  You can then decide if it is worth the cost.  In most cases we can have your computer ready for you the next day.

Laptops & Netbooks

We diagnose and repair laptops and netbooks.  This can include replacing the laptop screen or repairing any related issue such as broken or blank screens, diagnosing wireless problems, diagnosing power and charging issues and even upgrading memory and hard drives.

Cleaning out your PC

One thing most people neglect is cleaning out their computer.  All computers attract dust like a magnet.  They should be regularly cleaned every four to six months.  A buildup of dust can block airflow and even act as an insulator on components which will cause them to overheat.  Overheating can cause your computer to shutdown or even kill your components.  Dust can also cause electrical shortages and even fires in some extreme cases.

Remote Desktop Support

We can log into your computer remotely to help troubleshoot, install or upgrade software, fix common problems, and even train you how to use a praticular program or feature.  This can be done safely and securely without your comuter ever leaving your site.

Backups and Data Recovery

Backing up your data is the single most important thing you can do if you own a computer.  This can potentially save you from losing all of your files from things like viruses and hard drive failure.  We can give you recommendations on how to backup your data and provide you with a peace of mind from the worry of losing it.

If your system crashes or you accidentally format your hard drive or delete important files we can usually recover them.  If your system crashes your files are normally untouched and we can usually retrieve them without issue.  When you delete a file from your computer and even empty your trash bin the file itself is still on your hard drive it just now has permission to be overwritten.  Again, we can in most circumstances retrieve these files.

Custom Built Computers

Most pre-built brand name computers are limited not only in available configuration options of components, but also future upgrade-ability.  We can provide a custom computer that is specific to your needs built with quality parts that will allow for more options and less limits when and if there is a need to upgrade any individual component in the future.


If you have one or more computers in your home and would like to connect them together to share files or access the internet we can help you do that.  We can help you select the best solution according to how many computers you have and where they are located.

We can not only help you with just your computers. If you have a gaming console in your house such as a XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, or a Wii, we can show you how to share your pictures, music, and videos through them so you can display them on your tv.