Media & Imaging

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Photo Restoration and Enhancements

Most photos are viewed as priceless memories and are usually irreplaceable.  Over time these memories tend to wear and fade.  We want to help preserve these memories for you.  If you have any photos that are torn, cracked, or faded that you want to be able to keep around for generations to come then we can help you save these memories through digital restoration.

We can also provide enhancements to your existing digital photos such as color correction or changes, adding color to black and white photos or even create photos for special occasions.  The images below give an example of the work that can be done:

Video Creation and Editing

We can create videos from your pictures with added music.  We can combine old home movies onto a DVD that you can share with your friends and family.  We can edit your videos to add additional audio such as music or overlay text for informational or humerus purposes.